About Us

About us – EBE

Mary Kerrigan was the creator and inspiration of Everything Business Education (EBE.) The site is now managed by Lloyd Gutteridge.

Mary’s goal for EBE was to make the teaching of business as informative and engaging as possible. She had a real passion for business education having been in the corporate world for a number of years. Mary was driven by the fact that away from the larger more recognisable brand names and companies, there remain in NZ, a multitude of New Zealand businesses/entrepreneurs that teachers and students have not considered. These untold stories and experiences form the basis of EBE. They are a superb legacy from a colleague whom many of us in the NZ Business teaching community recognised, respected and adored in equal measure. Mary consistently made a real difference in the lives of so many stakeholders and EBE is a wonderful testament to her efforts.


What We Do

In the first instance, EBE is a web and platform that provides NZ case studies, videos and exam-style questions for teachers and students of Business Studies for the external examinations achievement standards at all three levels. The platform also provides advice and guidance on preparing students for these exams by considering the role of concepts, contexts and covid-19.

It is the intention that EBE will grow and develop into a contemporaneous and complete teaching and learning platform in NZ Business Education which will meet the needs of both experienced and new teachers.

Our best wishes to all in these challenging times

 The best way to learn about business is by hearing from those already in business